I’m trying to teach myself how this css-stuff works. The reason I started looking into it was kind of crazy. As usual, I got an idea that I wanted to do. But it was like if someone that didn’t know how to build a house decided to build a cathedral or something… That won’t happen, but it sure is a good way to motivate yourself.

Then I got to a really confusing guide to css. I thought I was just confused because I didn’t know anything about this, but Andreas then told me I was in the wrong place… =)

So now I am in a better place learning. And when I am done, my website will look totally… the same. Like last time, when I put a lot of php in it. It didn’t appear the least bit different. But now it works so much better for me. And with css it’s going to work even better. But (hopefully) you won’t know it changed.

Unless ofcourse you don’t use firefox. Because the site doesn’t really look and work good in internet exploder. I know this. And maybe finally I’ve found a way to make it look good in all browsers. One can only hope…