We have a hunter in the house. She is called Zelda, and yesterday she caught a mouse! I don’t really know where she found it, but all of a sudden she was terrorizing it all over the place.

I don’t think she was sure what to to with it at first. She kept hitting it with her paws and jumped backwards whenever it squeeked. I let her do her thing. I thought it could be educational for her.

And she did manage to kill it eventually! Maybe it just broke during all that play Zelda was doing, but dead is dead. And she ate some of it.

This morning she preferred the catfood, so I threw the mouse away.

Funny thing: I saw on television (back when I still watched it from time to time) that you are not allowed to throw your dead pets in the garbage. But this was not my pet, and it wasn’t the whole thing either. I mean, if I get meat leftovers, I can throw them away. They are part of an animal. So was this. So… was it allowed? *thinks*