I’ve just been with Henka and Sofie to Henka’s mother. She reads cards. It’s amazing how relevant a bunch of cards can be to your life. I wonder if we make them relevant with our imagination or if there is something more to it.

None of the possibilities can be ruled out, but that doesn’t mean the cards can’t tell us something useful…

I need a change. And it is going to be a good one. And apparently things are going to change wether I like it or not. I couldn’t help but think that it all meant that I should move the blog.

Blogger can be pretty restrictive. And also not having the blog and website on the same place does feel… well, not optimal. =)

I’m just going to look into the css-stuff some more first. It’s pretty easy, actually. Or atleast easier than I thought. But I haven’t gotten that far, so maybe that is why… =D Or maybe that guide Andreas pointed me to is really good.

Anyways. I’m going to help Sofie put a counter on her blog now. Ciao!