I ate way to much chicken yesterday. So today I will only eat things from the flora side of nature to even things out. And to make my stomach happier. It is NOT happy now!

But maybe that’s because me and Zelda are going to the vet soon and get her a shot. Things like that allways make me nervous.

Other plans for today is getting all those pictures in the camera into the computer and getting the nice ones on pixbox. Then we will see… Maybe I’ll try to knit some and make that thing I’m making into a finnished project. Because I would really want it to be!

Oh, and I got tired of not knowing how much traffic I really had, so I asked Tigger for a good counter when I was talking to him. So now I have a little thing called Histats down to the right. Klick on it, and you should be able to see who else came here! Henka, do you still think that you are all my visitors?