I uploaded a new album with Zelda pics. Look!
This bird was hopping around in our yard yesterday. It’s belly has colors like a leopard or something. It’s head is grey and its back (wings) is brown. Sorry for the bad quality of the picture. I couldn’t get closer… Anyone know what kind of bird it is?
The weird flowers was actually buds. This is what they look like now. Too bad they won’t get pollinated…
Sara picked me this lovely bouquet. I love it! She did this for me last year too. She’s a wonderful friend!

And the visit to the vet went ok. Zelda cried all the way there and all the way home, and she acted very agressive when she got the shot. But what else could one expect? She wasn’t mad at me when we got home though. She wanted to cuddle alot. Then she got scared of my coffee mug and hissed at it. I think she got a little jumpy. But now she is calm, sleeping on one of the favourite spots; on top of the cat-pillar (kattmöbel, have no better word for that).