Micke went to Umeå to visit our friends today. I would have come with him, but someone needs to be with Zelda! It’s waaay to early to leave her with someone else. She needs to settle in at her new home. I’m repeating myself, I think…

Anyways, Micke just called a while ago to say he was there. That sure took a long time! Apparently there where a lot of stops. It’s funny how differently people want to do things. Some people like to stop a lot to make the trip nicer. Others just want to get there. I’m one of the latter. I usually pack a lunch if the trip is longer than 4 or 5 hours. And eat while I’m driving. It’s the Julén way! =)

Anyho///////=w (Zelda helped me with that word), this means I am all alone att home with the cat. She is quite demanding, so she is excellent company. She wants my attention all the time, so I don’t have time to feel I need attention.

Sara came over to chat about life and everything. Too bad she can’t bring in the dog. I’m guessing Zelda would be terrified if ?abu came running though the door as she allways have done. So we’ll wait a while. Untill Zelda gets that look on her face that says “I own this house, you know”.

Why did I imagine her saying that in a brittish accent?

Maybe we won’t wait that long. But we are actually not sure about how to do this. One idea (that seems best so far) is to let them meet each other outside on a leach each. I imagine that Zelda will either be really scared, or really curious or both. She’s at that age. I mean, even the shower seemed interesting to her when it was pouring whater all over.