There. Happy, Tigger? =)

She is starting to feel more and more at home in our house. She just ate some food! She hasn’t been eating since we got home, and I was a little worried. But not too worried. Cats often do that. And we weren’t nice enough to buy the same food she was eating in Tårrajaur, so she got confused. But I guess all that playing she’s been doing got her hungry! =)

She slept in my lap at first, and didn’t continue sleeping if I put her down and left the room. Even the odd time she fell asleep on a box or on the bed, when I left the room (I need to, sometimes), she was worried and followed me.

But now she is sleeping even if I go to the other end of the house! And she started using the cat-bed-thing that was Åzkars favourite. So I think she is starting to feel really at home, wich is good. Because she wants to go outside, and I want to let her. But not untill I am sure she thinks of this as her home. And that may be a while still…