We got home a little while ago, and with us was our new familymember; Zelda.

She was really scared in the car, but we had gotten her used to the catleach, so Micke could hold her and hug her while I drove. So it went ok. I had promised to tell Sara so that she could come with and see Zelda settling into her new home. But she was unreachable on all three phones we tried. We guess she is at Magnus and Elsas cabin barbequeing.

Zelda went around the house checking everywhere. She ran from room to room and looked in every corner and inspected all the new scents and whatever else she could find. She liked the cat toy I made for Åzkar, and she played a good while with it. And a ball I bought for her in Kiruna (that was like 9 weeks ago or something!).

Then she wanted our attention. And ofcourse she got it! =) We cuddled with her, and she fell asleep ontop of me. Right now she is sleeping on the guest bed we have in the computer room. I think she is going to like living with us.