The fotographers that works with the project previously mentioned came and tried to figure out how to take a photograph of a blogger in northern Sweden. It was fun. I almost killed them by bringing them to a mosquito nest (hey, I didn’t know it was that bad over there!), and then they almost killed me by having me sit balancing on a tree that was very wobbly, dangling my feet and pretending to blog on my laptop.

All jokes aside, noone was even close to dying, but I like to exaggerate. It makes better stories. I think the picture will be very cool. And I will check out who else they find along the magic invisible line.

Then it was time to go riding in the forrest. Luckily we didn’t protest about it. I had previously said that I didn’t want to, cause it doesn’t give me anything. Man, was I wrong!

I got Promessa, a big and graceful horse that I havent been able to figure out in the past. I can get her to do everything nicely, ’cause she is very well trained and everything, but I cant move with her! I feel like a frog on a swan… or something.

But we got some wonderful galops in the forrest (instead of a lot of dust in the paddock), and in the end of the tour, I felt like I had gotten better balance and was able to stand up how long I ever wanted in the saddle. I wish I could have done that last week, when I jumped with her.

Anyways, I just wanted to write something quick. I was really just going to come here to take a shower and maybe have tea with Sara. No tea, and I am going back to Tårrajaur and the darlings that wait for me there!