I finally got Kodak’s software to work. And that camera won’t let me transfer without the software. WHY NOT??? It would be so much easier… And the camera is called Easy Share… Isn’t that ironic?

So scroll down to see some blurry shapes of the flowers I was writing about!

Anyways. I’ll soon shut down all the pc’s in here. Yes, we never do that. Allthough I am serously thinking of exploring the possibility to put my big pc inte sleepmode like I can with my laptop. You know, when it stores everything on the ram onto the harddrive, shuts down and when you need it again it doesn’t need to load all the programs again (not to mention the OS). That would save a lot of electricity I think. Because I can’t be bothered to shut my pc off when I have started all those programs that take forever to load (games, mostly). And sometimes I just want firefox left open so that I can continue reading later.

I did it again… went off on a tangent, as Maren (inloveoutoftime) on youtube would have said.

The reason of the big shutdown of computers is that we are going to Tårrajaur in a while. We are going to cuddle kitties for three days.

And something else is going to happen over there too, but I’ll blog about that when I know how it went… =)

I will be back in Jokkmokk this evening to have my last riding class (is that a correct word? Ridlektion…) before the big summerbrake. I think summerbrakes are stupid. *childishly jumps up and down and demands a pony from some rich uncle*

Maybe Sofie will come and watch me ride again?

Anyways, got to go now. I can’t wait to see Zelda again! It’s been like two weeks!