We bought food for Zelda today. I was happy to find that there was actually a good selection of food at the grocerystore nowadays. We had to buy it there because by the time I was done cleaning the petstore was closed.

But it is so hard to know wich one is good! Untill recently I have been of the opinion that dry food is better for the cat because A) it has to chew it, and that is good for it’s teeth and B) there is allways more protein in dry food than in the wet food.

But a smart person pointed out to me that A) the cat does not chew like we do. It uses the same tooth over and over again to crush some of the dry food, and swallows the rest as it is. And there is so much carbonhydrates in it that the cats teeth will probably get damaged. And B) since there is water in the wet food, wich the cat would have had to drink anyways, you have to recalculate everything percentage-wise…

So my new plan is to allways offer dry food, but give wet food once or twice a day. We’ll see how it all works out in reality.

It still is, however, hard to know wich food to purchase. Because how do I know if two brands calculate their nutrition facts the same way? Maybe one of them is counting a lot of stuffs from vegetables. And the cat can’t get that nutrition. It is carnivore, not an omnivore as humans are! Difficoulties…

But the thing was not all that nutrition confusion! The thing I was going to blog was this; buying some food for Zelda (we ended up with Mjao. Both wet and dry) made the whole thing real to me!

I’ve been in that vacuum you can be in when you know something big is going to happen, but you can’t FEEL it. This is very common when it comes to me and trips. The day before I set out to sleep on the ground and meet strange people in europe and not coming home for a month (tågluff), I still have no clue about what’s going on.

But now, it is finally butterflies everywhere in my stomach! And putting sand in the litterbox made me all crazy happy! Strange thing to be happy about, but it wasn’t about that! =)

Now I will go put some things in order, because tomorrow the trip to Tårrajaur starts! It’s only 15 minutes away, but we will be there untill saturday. Have fun till saturday all my lovelies! Except those that I will see tomorrow evening at the stable… heck, you have fun too!