I was all over the place this friday. I didn’t sleep well, and then everything seemed to happen at once. And then everyone wanted information about what was going on (including me), but everyone was too busy to tell everyone else or listen to what they said. Gah!

But it ended well. Barbeque and nice company.

Zelda And ?abu greeted eachother again. This was the third time they saw each other. ?abu sniffed on Zelda, and though Zelda held her paws in a threatening way (no claws, though), she let ?abu sniff her.

Later on ?abu was let into the house, and she was SO happy! She had clearly missed our house… Zelda was curious of the big dog now walking around in HER house! Curiosity is good. It made her jump down from her high-place and follow the dog around. ?abu had realized that Zelda was afraid, and everytime Zelda hissed at her, ?abu layed herself down and tried to look friendly in every way she could think of. It worked. =)

Saturday was a computerday. I taught Sofie what programming was, and had her draw flowcharts (hope that’s the right word for flödesschema) and then make the programs in VB. I choose VB just because the programs look nicer, and I thought that would be more fun for her… She now knows about if and else and labels and buttons and textboxes. =)

Sunday we just played games. Me and Sofie played Travian and Sims, and Micke and Henka played their space-game (don’t know what it’s called, but the voices in it are funny).

Zelda got to go out on her own for the first time. I got worried sick when we couldn’t find her after a while. It turned out another cat had came along and scared her to go under the house…

I don’t think I will worry as much next time I can’t see her. It’s nice to be able to have the window open, because it’s hot over here!

Sunday evening we drove over to Tårrajaur for dinner. We had a nice meal and nice chat with the Sarri couple, and we got our ketchup back! We left that there last time, along with the meatballs. No use for metballs in a vegetarian home…

Zeldas brother had grown! We don’t think he has the same father as Zelda, and he was almost twice her size now! And waay more cuddly than Zelda. But he doesn’t have a home yet…