I’ve played some Travian lately. It’s a fun game, and it’s not confusing when you start to learn how to play. Later it gets more complicated, but you have time to learn while growing. It’s well made, in other words.

But you have to cooperate with people in it. Or be hostile towards them. It’s everyones choice. And the hard part is that everyone has their own ideas of the perfect strategy. Some have real good diplomatic skills. But that doesn’t help when others don’t let them do the talking…

Others mix TOOO much feelings into the game. Noone will win holding a grudge, people! Noone is really on any side but their own. Especially if you want a big alliance. That means people with no emotional connection to the alliance. If you can’t handle allying yourself to those you’ve just made peace with, you will lose the game.

I will have to find an alliance that gets this… *sigh*