The last week has been about movies. There was a filmfestival here in Jokkmokk. I was going to write about it, but IRL came between me and the blog all the time. And that is something I never complain about. If all I have is time to write my blog, then there is usually not much to write about anyway. The trick is to find some golden middleway…

The movie my boyfriend can’t stop talking about is Vägvisaren (Ofelas in sami). It was filmed in Kautokeino (where Sara‘s from), and after it was shown the actor who played the lead role came and answered questions. I was happy that Micke and Henka had questions, because I was very interested in the answers, but I couldn’t think of ANYTHING to ask!

I thought the movie was ok. Great considering it was made in the 80’s. But it didn’t wake any questions in my head.

I like movies that lives in me long after I’ve left the movie theater. Wether it is by confusing me, make me think of things in different ways or raising questions that wasn’t asked before… Or giving me impressions that was unimaginable before seing the film. This one didn’t quite do it for me, allthough I enjoyed it.

Sámi nieida jojk on the other hand gave me a new perspective. I’ve known now for some time that a lot of sámi people that are my age haven’t been taught the sami language by their parents. I haven’t really understood why before. And it’s not strange, because these people usually don’t want to talk about it. This leaves me being the human questionmark.

How could anyone not want to teach their children about their heritage? Teach their children their own language…

Sámi nieida jojk (I would think the title means something like “Sami girl jojking”?) explains a bit about that. But mostly about how it feels trying to take it back. How it is scary trying to speak a language that should be your native toungue. The horror of failing among people that would not understand… I know it gave Sara new understandings of her boyfriend. I’m happy about that.

So I wish that all people around here could see that movie. It would help understanding so much!