Isecore writes about the fact that Prince (yes I know he is now “the artist formerly known as Prince” but it takes forever to write) wants to give away CD’s in various ways.

He has found new ways to market himself and his music (atleast they might be new to him). Ofcourse the record company is furious and starts threatening him and others that might get the bright idea to try the same thing.

Why? Because it’s unwanted competition. Marketing is their thing. It’s what they’re good at. They do try to convince us that they are in the music business. They are not. They don’t make music. (they might make something that might pass for music sometimes, but it’s not the true artform of music) They promote artists by convincing the masses that the artist is the thing for them. They do this in various ways, but giving away musicfiles for free isn’t one of them. They don’t understand how that works. Or maybe they do, but their income would drop if they went down that road.

Like Isecore said, it’s all about control. If you go around downloading all sorts of unlabeled music from the internet, they don’t control you.

Now, I’ve said all this before, but in swedish. And here’s another thing I’ve said before: There is ALOT of good music on the internet. And I am talking about the free stuff. There is a list of free places to download music from on my music-page. And there is ALL sorts of music available on the internet for free. What genre do you like?

The only genre that isn’t available for free is commersial music. The music you hear all day if you listen to commersial radio. But if you are into this sort of “music” it’s not the music itself you want. Ever thought about that?

Here you go: