Me and Sara had a plan to go to Vuollerim and get ourselves a ride on their horses. So we did!

We met up with Johanna and Sara (that was funny, wasn’t it?), and got the horses ready. I got Sweeney (“Svenne”) and Sara got Fabiola. In other words, we got just the horses we wanted! =)

Soon we where off into the woods and onto the roads. It felt like we went all over the place and we got to see SO much beauty! Nature and lakes and trees and butterflies and I don’t know what. It was really impressing.

And we got to gallop for really long times!

When we got back and I got off the horse, my legs almost didn’t bear me. I was SO tired! I took my time taking care of Sweeney, because he had really worked on our “little” tour that lasted two hours. And also, my arms didn’t want to move that fast, so everything took a while to do.

We where really happy with the experience. We are going do do that again! =)

Then we went over to Micke’s parents place to visit and got lovely pancakes and coffee. Such a perfect day…

Unfortunately I can’t post my own pictures of Sweeney, because I can’t find that bluetooth thing for connecting my phone to my computer. And I am waay to tired to look for it anymore…