I couln’t resist. I had to. I know I said that there would be no visible difference… Ha!

For those of you using IE, I know just how messed up my page looks on there. I just don’t know why.

For those of you using firefox, the page now looks pretty nice (at least it does in MY browser). Except if you don’t like the colours. But that would be because of no programming error on my part. I WANTED those colors, ok? =)

I still have some difficulties with some stuff. One is that I feel that there is something terribly important that I have no idea I have overlooked… But another thing is that margins tend to get under other objects. What good does a margin do if there is something in it? I want space…

And then ofcourse is the feeling you get when you exchange something for something better, but still want the new thing to work as the old thing… Because I could handle that so well!

Anyway, if you are terribly interested in what it looks like, here is the css file for my website… note that I didn’t understand how classes works in css, so I avoided them for now.

This is what it looks like in my firefox.

EDIT: Also, I would like to give some of the div-boxes a max-width. Is that even possible? Like, if the window is bigger then they stay their size, but then they shrink to fit if the window is smaller… And also a min-width would be nice. *writes on wishlist*

EDIT (two seconds after): Found it! Nevermind… =D