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Postad 28 september, 2007

I laughed at this: linkI laughed at this: link

Heinz or Felix

Postad 25 september, 2007

DN made a test. They decided that Felix ketchup was better than Heinz. They talket about a chemical taste. What? Let me say right now, [...]

Song finally finnished

Postad 22 september, 2007

I’ve been fiddeling with this one for a long time now. There was always something not right about it. But yesterday I removed the [...]

Wich way to the galaxy?

Postad 22 september, 2007

It was particularly clear tonight and when me and the boyfriend got home from our friends we just stod looking at all the beautifulness [...]


Postad 20 september, 2007

A few things I have had panic over today: Money Jobs Identity My age Life plan horses relationships (yes, plural) friendships (plural [...]

Denmark decides to remove letter secresy

Postad 20 september, 2007

I got the news here. You see, in many countries we have been enjoying this right to send whatever we want in a letter, and it’s a [...]

Ni som röstade för sÀnkt fastighetsskatt

Postad 20 september, 2007

LĂ€s hĂ€r. Tro inte att jag Ă€r full av skadeglĂ€dje och ”vad var det jag sa”-kĂ€nslor nu. Även om det var min första reaktion. [...]

Silly little cute game

Postad 20 september, 2007

Well it’s free… sort of. Downloadable over here. I don’t know what is so awesome about it yet. Perhaps I will [...]

Varför man hellre fildelar Àn köper lÄsta filer

Postad 19 september, 2007

Chi An Gramfors har skrivit en krönika. Först svamlar hon om stöld och blandar ihop begrepp som vi pirater Àr sÄ trötta att höra nu för [...]

First snow

Postad 17 september, 2007

Blech. I wasn’t ready! It was hard to catch with a camera, but here is a try:Blech. I wasn’t ready! It was hard to catch [...]

New Spore video

Postad 16 september, 2007

I got news of a new spore video. It’s a short interview with Will Wright, and it really does sound like the game is going to come [...]

Who was behind it again?


Postad 15 september, 2007

Who was behind 911 again? I seem to remember it being a scertain Usama… Well, it’s not mentioned here, so maybe I’m [...]

One BIG Granny square

Postad 15 september, 2007

I’m not finnished yet. But this is so much more fun than it looks! And it’s highly addictive… I got the description [...]


Postad 14 september, 2007

I just saw Zeitgeist, and I don’t want to hear another argument about religion or 911 or terrorism or war from anyone that [...]

Not stable

Postad 14 september, 2007

I’m in that specific time of the month now. It makes me vulnerable. Someone I don’t even know wrote som harsh words on [...]


Postad 13 september, 2007

ur min egen synvinkel

Images of autumn

Postad 13 september, 2007

I took these just now…I took these just now…

Link for Sara & Sofie

Postad 12 september, 2007

If you haven’t heard of Ajtte TV yet, click here!If you haven’t heard of Ajtte TV yet, click here!

Muddus and Zelda pic

Postad 11 september, 2007

I found my camera! It was in the pants I wore when we were walking in Muddus. Stupid of me not to remember that. But here is some [...]

To be or not to be and Talar

Postad 10 september, 2007

There haven’t been updates here. At least not as many as I could have written. I think the reason is that I kind of forgot why I [...]