It was particularly clear tonight and when me and the boyfriend got home from our friends we just stod looking at all the beautifulness of the stars. You could clearly see the milky way.

This woke a question that I have been wondering about for some time now; wich way is the center? Is it this way? Or is it visible from the other side of the earth? I think it should be that a certain star on the sky shows the way to the center, or a constellation perhaps.

I can’t recollect being told of this, and I think this is strange.

In school, we are always asked to be able to point to our homes on maps, and to know wich planet we are on in the solar system. If we had a photo of the galaxy we would probably be asked to know where we are in it.

But when have I been asked to point in the direction of any location? I don’t remember that event ever taking place. Except for when learning to use a compass.

And yet, would that not make more sence than learning to read a map? Or at least preceed it? I can’t get to a location if I start of in the wrong direction.

Anyways, does anyone know the way to the centre of our own galaxy? I think this knowledge should be out there somewhere, if only I knew wich way to look…