DN made a test. They decided that Felix ketchup was better than Heinz.

They talket about a chemical taste. What?

Let me say right now, I love Heinz ketchup, and I’m not going to switch to something less tastier because a stupid test says so. Again.

So what about those chemicals?

Ingredients are: Tomatopurée (52%), vinegar (translation from “ättika” here), Sugar, Salt, spices and herb extract (cellery amongst other things), spices.

Here’s the thing. There’s LOTS of taste in Heinz. And a great one too. Don’t eat it as it is! It was never ment for that. But it goes real well together with sausages and pasta and that sort of thing.

I guess it’s just a matter of what you are used to. Because it’s almost like you don’t want the same word for both brands. They are too different. Replacing one with the other would be like replacing a cucumber with a carrot!

Last time I tried Felix, I felt that I would rather eat my sausage without it. Rich of tomato taste? Is that sundried tomatos? Because I don’t like those.

CORRECTION: It must have been something else than Felix I ate that time, because I tried some Felix this weekend, and it was really ok. I still prefer Heinz, but the difference seem to be only in proportion of the ingredients. There is more vinegar in Heinz, and I like that.