I got the news here.

You see, in many countries we have been enjoying this right to send whatever we want in a letter, and it’s a secret. This is an important right if you want to have a working democracy. This is because a very important part of democracy is free media. Free media that can get tips from anonymous sources. This is easy when you have letter secresy.

(now, to investigate how free our media actually is, I leave to someone else)

Imagine if you don’t. And you discover something juicy about your prime minister (or someone else that enjoys great power in your country). She/he wouldn’t like you to tell anyone, would she/he?

How will you get away with telling media if someone (FRA) can read all your emails, open your letters and listen to your telephone calls? You will have to meet in person. And that may be hard to do while remaining anonymous…

Anyways, most of you will think I should go polish my tin foil hat. But some of you know what I am talking about.

Today, Denmark has decided that a proposal made by a swedish minister (in a sneaky way, but that’s another story) is worth listening to. They removed this democratic right. I think snailmail is still unaffected, but for how long? How long before they discover that the main threats to our scociety (illegal filesharers and terrorists, according to the ones in power) has figured email an unsafe way of communication and are now talking about their attacks (or whatever they talk about) via snail mail?

What will happen then? Will it be easy to discard our democratic rights because it’s allready been done?

Or is it, in the eyes of our governments, not possible to compare email to ordinary mail? Because they are electronic. Is that an excuse? Then, I would like for them to not compare illegal filesharing to ANYTHING material (like theft). But they do…