I have springtime feelings. Last week it felt like I was going a thousand miles per hour, doing something every moment. This week I have calmed down. But I am still so happy that the snow is finally melting away, and the birds are here now.

Tonight is exciting; we will be jumping with the horses! Weee! Fun! =) And a little scary. If I get the same horse as last week, Talar, then I am really nervous. He is big, jumpy and I don’t really trust him. But I do like him. And I will use the present my mom gave me for christmas; safety vest. It feels like a stiff life jacket, but safety first!

About the declaration of income (yes, I realize that it is most likely called something else, but you understand what I mean, yes?), when skatteverket.se finally decided to open, it was piece of cake. Just click-click-done. Especially since I paid 87 SEK to Aktieinvest so that they made my K4 for me. Wonderful! I don’t need to get rid of them anymore! =)

I am so happy too, because the wesite is clearly being used, and it seems to work well. Finally! I did all that work so that I could have a site to go to to check for UPDATED info about what is going on down at the stable. Now I can! =)

Tomorrow I am off to Ritsem again. I am getting home the 10:th, and then commences my summer break. I am happy for all the time off, but I am not really counting days, because I am still really happy working there!

Never thought I would find a job like that. And certainly not that it would be a job like THAT! 😉