Here is some pictures that Micke took of me on a horse:

In other news, I am now back from Ritsem, will be in Jokkmokk for a little while untill my trip down south.

The snow is gone for the most part. Some still remains, and there is water like everywhere! I allmost had to swim to get to the stable yesterday. I was going there to do my bit of work for the “stallpass”. If all of them was as easy as that, I wouldn’t mind more of them. Ofcourse it helped that I have gotten used to getting up early.

I never thought I could do that, but this morning I woke up at 6:00 and could not fall asleep again. So I got up and got ALL the paperwork done. It is gone now. We have been agonized by the thought of it for so long, and all it took was going up crazy early and just doing it. If only I had known…

Plans for the evening is making a draft for a website. Yet another one. But this one I should have done ages ago… I’m not even sure why I didn’t…

For no apparent reason: *poof*

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