I thought it was time to make my deklaration of income to skattemyndigheten. But if you are up early like me, it’s not. You have to wait untill 7:00.

Why? It’s not like someone over there has to keep a generator for the site going by hand, is it? I can understand if their phone-support is closed, but can’t I have the opportunity to make my mistakes while they sleep?

Aparently not.

I’m whining a lot lately, am I not? I really am not, but that is all that makes its way to this page… =)

I am actually pretty happy. We had a wonderful sunny day yesterday and I helped JRK at their annual valborg-fire. It didn’t look as huge as yesteryear, probably because I was all shocked by it’s size last year!

I still want to know if the design on their page looks messed up on any browser still, or if I finally made it. Tell me!

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3 reaktioner på ”Idiots”

  1. I’ve encountered a lot of stupidity along those lines. Skatteverket isn’t the only one. Ellos used to do this, but I guess they got complaints questioning this ridiculous practice.

    For some bizarre reason as well it’s mostly swedish sites who think that they need to close their sites at night – what, do they need to let the servers rest? It’s absurd.

  2. Yes,
    stress+anger+frustration+ignorance=bad english

    I did not have time to look up words I didn’t know. Sorry.


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