Some people told me not to get on a horse today. I crashed a car yesterday after all. But I could only feel that acting sick and not doing what I love to do would make me feel sick and probably make me sick for real. So I did not want to listen to them. My mother agreed, and there is always the choice to stop what you are doing if it doesn’t feel right.

But ofcourse it felt wonderful! Even if painful (bareback on a horse with more spine than muscles). I brought my neighbours employee from Holland too. She wants to learn swedish and has had three horses back in holland…

She is a nice person. I am going over there tomorrow to se how she milks cows.

Speaking of wich; did you know that I have never milked a cow? How is that even possible when I grew up next to my grandparents farm and they had 18 cows? I guess I always felt like I was in everyones way over there and that they just wanted me to go play somewhere else… Don’t know if that was true or not.

I’m going to lay down my tired head now. =)