It seems ALL day tomorrow will be traveling. I need to go by bus since the car is broken and we don’t want to drive the small car we have that far.

What about bus then? Well I will go by bus either to vägskäl Ritsem, wait hours and then take the bus to Ritsem. Or I can go by the same bus all the way to Gällivare and then take that same bus to Ritsem. It will be more expensive, but I don’t have to stand around in the cold.

Or I can pay someone to drive me to vägskäl Ritsem (just above Porjus). I just don’t know who I can ask…

EDIT: Thanks to extremely nice people the thing is now solved. Andreas father is going to let me wait at his place and then drive me to the bus. This part of the country really is filled with nice warmhearted people. How could anyone want to live anywhere else?