Yesterday ended in a way that I’ve been kind of expecting a long time. Crashed the car. Got upsidedown and thought I was going to die. I didn’t. Whoever is watching over me did his/her/their job and all that happened to me was I bumped my head against the ceiling of the car. The car is now garbage thanks to my not so limited speed. I was not breaking any laws, but I went against common sence. Didn’t concentrate enough. I wasn’t particularly tired or anything, had just been driving too long not to notice that I should have lowered the speed a lot…

I don’t want to go into it more than that right now. Not that it hurts to talk/write about it, just that I’ve been telling so many people what happened and I am starting to get fed up with doing so.

But call me and I’ll tell you. =)

The worst thing was the chock that came afterwards. I got out easily since I had education in getting out of an upside car. Thank my protector for that! But then came the realization that I could have died and that the car was broken. And I cried. Then I closed the door to the memory for a while and was calm and laughing. Then opened it again and was terrified and crying. I told everyone I was in chock and was to be kept warm. Then the ambulance came and they checked everything at the hospital. Everything seemed to be ok and they sent me home in a taxi.

Thankyou to all the people that stopped on the road and hugged me and got me to sit in a hot car! People are wonderful!

Now I am waiting for Vårdcentralen to call me. I need to ask if it is considered rehabilitation or dangerous to put me on a horse today… =) I would say rehabilitation but…

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