I never thought I would say that, but today I was not in the mood at all! I won’t write too much about horses on this blog anymore, because I set a new shiny one up. It’s my personal riding journal, and it can be found here. It will (I think) remain in swedish, because while I enjoy writing in english and getting better at it, I don’t want to lose my own language (fat chance, but still), and I don’t want to deal with the troubles the language can give me when writing in english.

Not many days left before I leave now. I have horsed around enough it feels, both my knees are blue now and I am sore all over. I also put up all (?) files that is necessary on jokkmokksridklubb.se

I had to update it a little to make it look good. I only wish that it was as intuitive as I intended it to be. Ingela didn’t manage to upload files last time, and I see that as a failure on my part. I have no idea what is wrong with the design though. It is all so obvious to me! Ofcourse I am blinded by familiarity (hemmablind).

And by design I don’t exactly mean appearance. Design is so much more than that. It is everything about how a thing works. So many people forget about that.

Have you noticed that my blog is all chaotic lately? Or maybe it was all along. But now I started to make these rambling posts that really are not about anything and is about everything at the same time! There is no order!

And Ingela thought I had autistic tendencies, because I got all anxiety-like when she started to change plans at the last minute. Well hey! I like knowing what to do and when! And I like knowing it in plenty of time, because I do things slowly! Or maybe I just like order, I don’t know. Yes I do. I LIKE order! I like my CD’s in a specific order. Not by artist or album name or anything, but the ones played last at one end. That way I can start choosing from the other end and get the ultimate variety. Only I need a long shelf for that, and I have them tucked into BENNO from IKEA. I think it was called BENNO.

I am just off on a tangent now, and if noone stops me I will probably go on all… *gets hit by a ninja*