My knee is blue. I think Talar accidently stepped on me in that video in my last post… =) But we were out dancing this friday, and there was no worries. Only the worlds longest hangover, but that was self inflicted… =)

I get irritated about a bunch of things while reading blogs. One of them is the fact that we will soon be living in 1984, and noone seems to realize it except for all the members of piratpartiet. Other people just shake their heads and think about paranoid people. This is Sweden, after all, and stuff like that just doesn’t happen here. The worst thing about being watched by FRA all the time is that when it comes to filesharing, human rights doesn’t seem important to the swedish justice system. Neither does proper evidence or right to atturney or any of that stuff. See if you are an evil pirate, you don’t have the same rights as the rest of society. And there is no need to prove that you are. If you are a suspect, you’ve allready lost your rights. I draw this conclusion after filesharers have been judged on the basis of screenshots and TPB’s lawyer being arrested along with his clients. It’s apparently illegal to defend filesharing, even if you are not doing it yourself. That is why it is perfectly ok to take Piratbyråns computer. They are after all fighting for the right to do things the Pirate Bay allready does, so they must be guilty too…

Another thing is actually gamers inability to defend computergames correctly. You CANNOT say that they are as harmless as a movie with the same violence. If you do, then you are very vulnerable for the arguments that:

  • A movie doesn’t last nearly as long as the time a kid will spend in front of a game
  • When you are watching a movie you are not participating in the actions on the screen. In a game you are, and the psycological effects WILL be bigger.

What is important is that most people who is debating this issue all had their personality shaped by their parents, siblings and other humans. Then when they got to play games, it was just for fun.

Now, imagine those who got placed in front of the tv or the computer playing some game while the parents did something else but raising the kid (yes, it happens, and no those are not healthy families, but it happens). The kid (I am now not talking about a kid in his or her teen, but an actual child) gets his/her social training by slaying his/her friends. Hmmm… Not watching murders on tv, but actually committing them. Are you seriously going to tell me that this is not going to affect the kid? Noone is going to believe that.

Now, the real problem ofcourse is that kids need to get attention from human beings IRL. They need to learn to be social, and some kids don’t get this. They probably would turn out just as peculiar if they where left to stare at the flowers on the wall. Maybe.

Anyways, did I allready make a post about this? Then I am probably repeating myself.

In other news: I tried making music tonight. I have been missing it, but I am still no good at it, and it still frustrates me that what I create is nowhere near what I had in mind. I like my music better after a long while, when I have forgotten what I was trying to do… =P If the song ever gets finnished, I will give it to you as usual. No sence in putting stupid DRM on it or something. Music will die anyway according to Ifpi, since noone will buy any if they can get it for free.

HOW WILL I BE ABLE TO GET MUSIC FOR FREE IF NOONE IS MAKING IT??? Gah! There just isn’t any sence in what they are saying, and filesharing isn’t killing anything. It hasn’t for ten years, why should it now when the industry is making more money than ever???

Gah. Too much negativity!!! Here is some joy: *Waves hand and gives joy in all direction a’la Phoebe*