I think there is three kinds of people in this world. The kind that thinks ahead, the kind that thinks of what is now and the kind that kind of lives in the past.

But not me. I think of strange things. Abstract questions that doesn’t always have much to do with my own life. As long as I know what is going to happen, I don’t have to think about what I will do with time I might have later.

Britta asked me what I was going to do when I got home. But I hadn’t spent any time this week thinking about what to do on my days off. I also didn’t spend much time in the present. I guess I was thinking about my favourite subject quite a bit; programming. It’s kind of like math, only more fun. And if you listen to Will Wright when he explains what gaming is to him, then what is the real difference between programming and gaming? Both is problemsolving, and both is fun. Both CAN be creative if you are…

The website is almost done. I know I’ve spent more time on it than would have been necessary. And the reason is I wanted to know what the code did. I looked at the (superior) code for wordpress and couldn’t sort it out, so I made my own. I guess sorting wordpresses code out would have taken about as long, but that wouldn’t have been nearly as fun! =) Anyways, I have not been spending every waking hour coding this thing, but it has amused me when I could have been bored or doing something else…

I have a new idea for a website too. But Micke says I have to wait with that one untill the game is done. I have to get it done soon! But I feel there will be plenty of time. At least I will be keeping busy in Ritsem.

Ritsem… I really enjoy working there! There is nice people and the boring parts of the job allows me to think about other stuff. I mean, there is not likely any monsters getting out of the toilet to attack me or anything while I am cleaning them or the rooms, so now that I got a routine for everything, I don’t do the work less efficient while thinking.

Ok, I might have lost some of you there. You see when I was working at Posten, I had one job all day, and it was to put paper in a machine. This could go on and on and on… So I naturally started to think about other stuff while my hands did the work. My head was not occupied, you see. But then the machine stopped for various reasons, and the ones that had been standning there concentrating on what they where doing with their hands ofcourse realized this and headed of to do something useful. I on the other hand did nothing, my head was now occupied. This did not make me popular with my boss.

Anyways, working in the store is really fun when there is people in it, and when there is not, I get to have my laptop with me and I can make code or read or… Well I never had to invent a third.

So in short, I am happy. =)