Gah! I get home late, longing to do so much stuff! But ahh, the tiredness!

Yesterday eventing I got home to my bubblish! Kisses and hugs… Being able to throw out my every thought and get a response from someone that really really gets me…

Then I ran to the much missed computer. I nearly had a panic attack when internet refused to work. THAT time of the month coming up… For some reason I really missed playing sims. Perhaps because I made a habit of doing it so much. Not much, but now and then… You know, whenever. Played untill my eyes crossed. I got up at seven yesterday, you know.

Then I got to go asleep beside my precious.

Today I’ve been trying to stay calm. Allready been driving with Sofie. Went REALLY well. I think she handles the car as good as anyone could. She treated me to a tasty burger, then tea and ofcourse alot of talking. =)

In a little while we are going to Vuollerim to fix Lasses email and eat palt, apparently. Maybe I should not have eaten so much before… =P

Today is stable-day, so I have to make sure I get back in time.

Tomorrow I must shop for food to bring with me to Ritsem, see if there is files of Naruto (fun series) I want to bring… Ideally, I would read like a ton of programming related stuff too, but I’m not sure there will be time! There should be some kind of automatic bot that downloaded exactly what information I wanted from the internet during the night.

I actually CAN get to the internet in Ritsem if I really want to, but somehow I just feel that it would take time from creativity.

I would like to clean and do laundry here as well.

In case anyone wondered, I haven’t had time to get bored in Ritsem either. There is always something to create/talk about/do. How come my days doesn’t seem to have enough hours wherever I am?