I’ve been home for two days now. That is, I got home tuesday and I am leaving today. That gives me two days off, see?

I think I will be comfortable working in Ritsem. It’s work that I can do, and Britta that I work with is super nice. And so is Pelle, in his own way.

It’ only untill may, so if I should start feeling some discomfort, There will be an end to it. Otherwise I’ve been told, I can only tell them it’s not working out, and they will work THAT out. As I said, they are super nice up there.

This time I am going by bus. Last time was horrible. I did not enjoy driving up there! I even got myself stuck at one point, but Vattenfall helped me. That was lucky, since that road is pretty much not used at all at that time.

I was planning on writing a lot on here, but I got distracted. I had so much to read up on! There has been an explosion of Spore news since the release date was announced, and videos, and… =)

I also had to get the username (I had the password) for mysql on jokkmokksridklubbs website. That part was kind of easy, but when I tried connecting via mysql administrator, there was no luck, since neither one.com, their ip or jokkmokksridklubb.se worked as host. I emailed one.com about it, and their reply was that host should be “localhost”. That works fine in php-script. Obviously they don’t even know what mysql administrator is, but could they not have figured it to be a remote application? Guess not. Guess I won’t count on being able to transfer anything directly into the database… If someone has some handy (preferrably simple) solution to all this (it would be nice to be able to sit in Ritsem filling the database with info and then just transferring it to one.com when I get home), please let me know.

Anyways, I’ll see you all later!