It’s that time again. As usual I think I am doing my planning for my trip to my family well ahead of time. And once again I realize that I was, but I should have planned the trip HOME in JANUARY earlier.

I’m going by plane both ways this year. Because it’s cheaper and faster than the train. I have no idea how that works, but there you have it. I’ll plant an extra flower to get rid of some CO2, ok? As if that helps…

Maybe when I’m down there I will pay a visit to my favourite store… or maybe I will realize that it is too expensive for me to even be there. I always end up buying a lot. They have a lot of small things that I can’t resist… =) It’s because I suddenly realize that I’ve been wanting them for a long time but haven’t had the money to buy them, and Ikea has them for such a low prize, I HAVE to buy them! =)

I feel sad for my sister’s wallet, because she is the same, and Ikea has bought some land in uddevalla to make a new store. I hope they never come to Jokkmokk!

Anyways, I love their meatballs! Or maybe it is the sauce I like. Whatever… =)