I can’t be productive around the clock, because I need to eat and sleep all the time! Errrm, not all the time, but it is pretty annoying how fast humans go from “highly productive, creative and innovative”-mode to “I need to eat”- or “What did you say?”-mode! The latter is that state you get in when you just used up all your energy and suddenly lose focus. Having recently experienced the productive mode, it is pretty annoying to find yourself in those other states.

Pfwah. I guess it comes with being human… or alive! But when all you want to do is make your program, that never sleeps btw, and start counting hours working/cooking/eating/sleeping (not to forget that state when you are definately too tired to make any code, but not tired enough that you should sleep), you are saddened by the low number on that first one…

I COULD just drink coffee. It takes away some hunger and I can work all night. But then my sleeping rythm would be FUBAR. I’m wondering… is it worth it?

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