I’ve played it for a total of an hour now, I think (or hope… ^^). One thing that immediately bugged me was that in sims, you tilt the camera by pressing the mousewheel and move the camera sideways by right-clicking. In Societies the buttons are reversed. I have that motion built into my subconsious or something. I’ve played the sims for many hours… So I can’t get this nwe way of handling the camera into my head. And everytime I do it wrong (everytime I want to move the camera), I think “If they cooperated with eachother just a little bit, they might have had a conversation like

-Hey, you’ve reversed the controls from what we use in the sims!
-We have? We will get straight on getting it right. After all, good intuitive controls is so important to the game experience.
-Yeah, and I guess that you will want to attract the same audience that likes to play sims.
-Yes! Imagine if we went and made the controls all backwards for our target audience!
-Yeah! Haha!

Apparently that never happened…

But apart from that then. Well I feel like I can’t give this game any fair rewiev yet. I can’t find what I’m looking for in the menues (spent like 15 minutes searching for a hospital for my sick sims… never found it), but that might be because I haven’t got the system yet.

I can’t really figure out why they did that energy thing (cultural, knowledge, authority and so on). You need to balance the energys you use or something bad will happen, but the only other reason seems to be to force me to use items out of the same category, thus theming my city accordingly to their plan. I just don’t get it.

I think that this is either totally pointless… OR one need to be playing the game for much longer before the point becomes clear. It’s sort of a gamble…

But building a city is allways fun, and I am having fun! I guess I’ll keep trying it out untill I get bored… =)

My SimTopia (tutorial city that I haven’t even left yet)


I found the hospital! And also a clinic. =)