The decision has been made. Sweden is going to vote for Microsoft’s format (OOXML) as an ISO standard format.

I got the news here (after hearing about it from Micke), but a more detailed explanation can be found here (and that is in english too!).

Apparently you could just wals in to SIS (who has spent some time and money investigating wich standard would be best for everyone. That time and money was wasted.), buy a membership and the right to vote for 17000SEK (what is that, 1700USD?), then accept the bribery money from Microsoft and vote for their format.

And it was all according to the rules. Noone apparently saw this coming.

I’m not sure what this actually means for me. Probably that I will have to keep my Windows installation and keep making programs in Microsoft Visual Studio, since I won’t be compatible with our customers otherwise.

I just hope that I will never have to install Vista. It’s rejected by Microsoft fanboys for crying out loud!

But. Will it also mean that authorities will put all their documents on their websites in a format that my Open Office can’t read? Will I have to choose between buying Microsoft’s office or wait untill I can get my stupid forms by mail? Wouldn’t that be stupid?