I found this web query here. Next to Susannes observation that all “adults” seem to get some sort of panic if someone is too close to a computer for too long…

Now, for non-swedes it asks us what we are most tired of; orch-filled fantasy-games, dystopic (whatever that means) science fiction games, pretend-talking dollhouse games (are there more of them than the Sims?) or the many online role playing games.

Why is it that when you want to ask people something in these kind of web-querys, you feel the need to ask a question that can’t be answered?

I mean, I’m not against playing any of those games, but juste because it is fantasy, and there is orchses in it, is that a genre? Are they all the same? I guess I’ve missed them all anyways. I have no idea what games they have in mind here…

as for the science fiction games, it’s the same. And I must say that I was never much into that. I think. Wait. What game are you talking about?

Sims… yes, I get tired of playing it. And then I figure out a different way to play it. And it isn’t boring anymore. If the game is boring it’s because of me.

Now… “the many online role playing games”… Yes, where are they? I haven’t played any yet. I have played Guildwars and I tried WoW on my boyfriends computer. There was nothing roleplaying about it. I had my little avatar that, if I had been given time, I could have pretended had a story und so weiter. But in GW it was “quit redaing allready and come hack the monsters down!”. And I would guess that would happen in WoW too (and it scertainly happened in Lineage II). Because you don’t get points for having a good time. You get points for killing stuff. Bleh. That’s not role-playing. So that can’t be it.

Or maybe I totally missed the point here. Maybe I’m thinking of the wrong kind of game. Then what? Some kind of mudd (or however you write it) that I haven’t seen, ’cause everyone tells me I wouldn’t want to play it anyways? Mysterious.

So what am I most fed up with? I’m still at a loss. How about you?