I tried at least.

You know, aparently you are not supposed to throw anything in the dustbin. I wonder what it’s really for… So when I found this out I started sorting. There was bags all over the kitchen. I cheated and had just one bag with paper and paperboxes… like I did all the time.

But now we had one bag for metal, one for plastic, one for glass, one for the plastic bottles… You name it. This was apparently the way to go according to the law.

But I just can’t take it anymore. I’ll go back to sorting just paper and returnable bottles. Because there where several problems besides the fact that walking around the kitchen became an adventure every day (where am I supposed to keep all of it while sorting? I want it nearby so I can put stuff in, but I have to be able to walk!).

The smell. Let alone that the little catfood-jars that I just couldn’t find the energy to wash before throwing away. There was also the fact that since there was almost nothing going into the normal trashcan, whatever did end up there had plenty of time to grow bananaflies and to start smell before anyone realized what was going on. So that means I should throw out half full bags of garbage? I probably should throw the smelly stuff in the forrest behind the house and let it dissolve (because it will), but… If there was one thing I hated at home it was going outside with that smelly icky thing to the [kompost]…

And ah, yes. The fruitflies. I suspect they came from a forgotten bananapeel (in the garbage), and then they thrived on unwashed milk cartons, cat food jars, and ofcourse the (for them) wonderful trashcan under our sink.

Seriously. We didn’t do well with this experiment, and as I refuse to live like this, I will now throw away stuff like a normal human being.

And I will start blaming all the garbage on the stupid manufacturers that don’t make all of what they sell to me usefull in some way. Because I sure don’t throw away stuff if I have a use for them…

I guess I will have to apologize to the rest of Jokkmokk that will eventually pay for the costs of taking care of my garbage (apparently the 3600-4800 kr a year we pay doesn’t cut it).