The last week has been very busy. My mother and her boyfriend came to visit, and they brought the boyfriends children too.

They had a plan for every hour of every day and the seemed to want to see everything they missed last time. I was confused. Didn’t they see everything last time?

Apparently not. And it was also apparent that I hadn’t seen much of my surroundings either.

We went to “Porjustallen” (big pinetree in Porjus), and I marveled over the fact that tourists actually came across the whole country to look at a pinetree. Well, that was not the only reason they came, but still! There was also an old mine (hole in the ground) up there on the hill where the pinetree was…

While we were there we looked at the very cool view at Harsprånget. But honestly, I was more impressed with the view me and dad saw when we thought it was the grand canyon of Norrland (first picture in this post)… Although it WAS cool, and I am happy we saw it, even if the sky decided to pour water over us when we were the furthest possible from the car! =)

The other day we went to Stora Sjöfallet. Wow! How did I miss that? Maybe because we had to go bumping around in a car for like 2 hours (it felt like) to get there… =) The place was covered in purple stones. I was fascinated. They can’t be found around Jokkmokk! So I picked as many as I wanted to carry around in my pocket. I have to do something with them later. Micke’s mother said they will look cool if polished…

Yesterday morning they left. It seemed the right time for that. Don’t get me wrong. I am very happy they came, but it was intense. And I didn’t have time for my game at all. To make code, you need concentration, and there was none of that while they were here… But still, it was nice to have them, and I hope they return for the wintermarket!