When i had a problem with my new phone, I called Telia, and they fixed it. Immediately. I didn’t have to explain wich buttons I pressed, or why. They just fixed it.

My problem was I couldn’t surf anymore. And it was due to my buttonpressing.

And I can surf with my new phone. I can even use it to make phonecalls! At home! Fantastic… =)

My new phone is a samsung, and it is waay better than the LG I had before. And I don’t think it’s going to break as soon as my warranty ends. I think… One can never be sure, but still…

I am so happy 3 alienated me as their customer. I’m so happy they didn’t fix my crappy LG. I am so happy I figured out that buying a new Samsung from Telia was cheaper than reparing my old LG.

Because I am so much better off this way! The bills is cheaper, the service is better and the hardware works!

The software for the computer I have some issues with, but we can’t get everything in life, you know.

This post is kind of in response to a comment I got here