I’ve allways looked out for addictive behaviour in myself. I have relatives that has had problems with alcohol, you see, and I was told it can be genetic.

So I figured the genetic thing was addictive behaviour. So I got freaked out when I realized I was addicted to sugar (intaken by drinking soda) a couple of years ago, and I’ve allways had a lot of rules for myself when it comes to alcohol and nicotine.

So I didn’t fall into those traps. But guess what?

I drink enormous amounts of coffee! And if I try to skip it, I get all the signs of an addict not getting her fix… I get a headache, I get grumpy, tired, short-tempered, angry…

Yes a lot of it has to do with my mood. Actually I get in the same mood when I am hungry, tired or stressed too…

And I used to say I could quit anytime I wanted. And I believed it. I know that’s not true now.

HOW could I have missed all these signs? Because coffee isn’t something you get addicted to? Ha! Or maybe I didn’t see any harm in being addicted to it. Everyone is drinking it, and noone ever told me you could die from coffee. (I guess you can’t?)

Anyways. I haven’t had my first cup of coffee today. Yet. As soon as I finnish writing this, I’ll go and make some. My plan is to only drink that one cup a day, and not to have it untill I crave it. And not stay up late-late-late drinking coffee… unless I’m in flow coding. Or it’s a LAN-party…

Speaking of wich, when is there going to be a real LAN again? Noone seems to think there is a need, since the internet is so fast these days. But I miss sitting i a room (it’s more fun when everyone sits in the same room) full of sweaty nerds (computers produces heat!). =)

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