Susanne Möller (who has my dreamjob, playing games and telling everyone else about it… And getting paid!) pointed us to this article.

Susanne can’t grasp the concept of the sims. She cant understand how you can make a movie out of someone going to the bathroom and making dinner.

But that’s not what the sims is about! For me, it’s about making any crazy story and getting the sims to pose for pictures for that story.

For the makers of sims, it’s about people doing absolute ordinary stuff and have totally crazy things happen to them. Like being hit by lightning, setting the kitchen on fire and seing a ghost, all in the same day.

And what about Sims Life Stories? There we truly got to see how the makers of sims think. Crazy storys (of the sort I wrote for school when I was 13) involving kidnapping and sattelites falling in peoples heads… Now that game kind of sucked, but anyways…

I think Susanne plays too many games for too short a time each to truly get the games. I think it has to be that way. I mean, she didn’t even mention the great advantage of being able to zoom out as far as you can in Supreme Commander when she was reviewing it. And that was all my boyfriend could talk about after playing it. I guess Susanne (like me) isn’t big on strategic games.

Anyways, the movie. I think we can expect some crazy story about a seemingly ordinary person. Said person will probably have a big secret in the closet too. And probably we will se alot of strange death accidents… =) Just like in the sims, where real players are allways looking for ways to decrease the population.