My mood has been swinging… Yesterday it was ok, but I woke up miserable today.

I get cranky whenever a certain someone is drunk. He already lost any kind of argument with me in that state, because I can’t be bothered to explain things to him when he is like that. He can’t even press play on the DVD. It’s pathetic.

Also I get this crazy idea that I need to not eat so much. Not eating gets me depressed, and makes me want to eat even less. Then I stuff my face at dinner…

And I missed a certain other person. His phone was off yesterday and since I sent him a text telling him to call me, I didn’t want to call. I did in the end of course… and then we had one of those good talks. Now my mood is up again! =)

Been playing Spore all day. Thinking of getting WOW, actually. Mostly to see if I really would get stuck in it as I think I would… And also, it feels kind of strange not to get a game because of fear of liking it too much. Also, HE plays it… would that be pathetic? Neh! I do what I want! =)

I bought the salt and pepper shaker from here. Joy! =) If you don’t understand, go watch the Weebl and Bob toons on the same site. Start from the beginning and judge after you watched quite a few! They’re classic.

I also use the word “also” too much…