I still haven’t found someone that will treat me the way I deserve. And I feel I am done chasing after what I want. I want it to come to me on it’s own. And then I get surprised that what I didn’t fight for is not mine any more.

Who is more stupid? Me for not fighting for them, or them for not fighting for me?

I’m not interested in desperately searching for mr Right either. I felt I had found him, but there is all sorts of trouble there. And he is probably not that interested. At least he is honest about it…

I just want to say to hell with it all! But then again I feel lonely and would very much want somebody by my side… Someone to get home to. Someone that will hold me and tell me how wonderful I am. Someone I can look at and feel like I can’t believe someone as wonderful as that would be all mine.

I know I deserve it. And I know I should be able to get it. I just don’t see how right now.