…which was really surprising considering some stuff happened last night, that really did not make me happy. But then I had a nice long conversation with a friend. That cheered me up. And then me and dad watched the first episode of Pistvakt. Mindless comedy and nostalgia… Sometimes that is just what you need.

Maybe I smiled when waking up because I have a job I like and actually like living with my father. And also my alarm is set to nice piano music by Rob Costlow… That makes me happy.

And I still have a bunch of wonderful friends. I don’t have time to call them all as much as I would like, but that doesn’t mean I like them any less! They seem to get that, which is good…

So mostly my life is wonderful. But… still… it’s kind of surprising that I managed to see that right there and then. Oh well, as long as I am happy, I am glad! 😉