I was extremely tired all day today. I think it was because I drank too much coffee yesterday and got all worked up about everything.

See, I have been trying to drink less coffee, and I had managed to get it down to only coffee in the morning. But yesterday I inhaled coffee.

-Do you like coffee?
-Only with my oxygen
(Gilmore Girls)

And the results… Can you get hung over from a coffee high? Because I think I was today. =)

But yesterday was fun. I bought a bookcase for my room and put it together by myself. I tried to get dad to relax while I did it, because we don’t work well together… or we do, but we both get super stressed. The bookcase turned out really good, but it needs like 2 shelves added to it. In addition to the extra one I already bought. Silly thing: IKEA only has extra shelves in glass for BILLY. At least that was what the paper I got hold of said. But it looks kind of nice, so I am not complaining… =)

In the evening I went down to meet some friends at centrum. Or rather, I went to meet a co-worker (Blund). Even though I haven’t started yet! ^^ And Larsa decided to meet us, and then we ran into some people from Ducknet. Geez, that was a long time ago (playing CS, I mean)…

Even though Mr Blund tricked me to walk alone with him at night in tunnels and through trees and stuff I was totally unharmed and got home allright! Haha! I am joking, but he did take me to such places… =) Jokes aside, I am looking forward to work among such nice people!

Then there was this whole idea that Larsa was joking around with, that I was actually on a date. Was I? That was not my idea for the whole thing. Larsa is evil. =)