They called me yesterday! I had given up hope of hearing from them since it was later than 17:00. Stupid, when I think about it…

I was driving the car at the time. I had just picked up my father, and we had a hysteric time as usual. When the phone started to ring, dad started yelling at it, and I thought it was too much to answer the phone during all this, so I untangled the handsfree (I think I want a bluetooth one) and gave dad the phone to answer. Ofcourse, he got confused, since my phone is Nokia, and his is Sony Ericsson.

There was confusion and yelling and during all this, I realized that the phone had been answered and the call was going on. So I listened and said “Hello?”.

Emil at my new workplace was laughing. Then he told me they want me! I start at the end of the month if they don’t get a workstation working before that. Because I told them I can start now. Right away.

I mean, I don’t really know what to do with myself. Yesterday I went down to city and bought myself two wonderful sweaters. But I can’t do that all the time! =)