There. Now there is a “jump to”-button on It helps navigating, and also it helped me find useless sub pages that someone had added. That’s good…

And because it seemed stupid not to have it, I made so that you can now add a listing of sub categories to a page.

Oh, and while in Ritsem I made it so that you can upload pictures using the browser (before you needed to upload them using ftp, and that clearly did not work), and a function that keeps track of updated pages, so that members instantly can tell if a sub page is updated! =)

Now, I just hope Ingela gets my tutorial and uploads needed files to the page!

While doing all this I have been streaming music from

I missed my!

Now, I think I will try and do something I haven’t done in a long while; make som music! there just haven’t been time for things like that while working in Ritsem. Too little computer time at home (laptop gets confused by Reason)…

Bye for now!