So goddamn tired! I want to be sparkly and happy. I want to write down all the deep thoughts I had last night after watching “Into the wild”, but bloodsugar is low, and it was next to impossible to sleep last night. It was warm, and there was too much light and I kept remembering nightmares instead of having peaceful thoughts. In the end the sun rose, and sleeping would have never occured if I hadn’t put my freestyle on and went to sleep emptying the battery completely.

BBQ soon. I want to have more time! There is never time to process all the movies taken with the mobile and there is never any time to do anything. There is always the next thing that needs to be done. Right now I should probably go down to help dad with the fire and carry the table… I should probably do something else too, but GAH! I don’t want to!

I look forward to getting to my moms place. There is no internet there, but on the other hand, it’s in the middle of nowhere in spite of it being so close (?) to Stockholm. So nothing ever happens there… Not if you don’t make it happen. Wich I probably will… But evenings are usually early there. I think. So sleeping might occurr…

Anyways. Will try to get some food now.