My friend Henka has been telling me that games sell better on consols. I have taken his word for it, figuring that he probably got his facts all gathered before he said anything about it.

Today he posted the source of this info.

There is some conclusions I can draw from this picture. The first is that only two platforms beat the PC ever. It was PS2 in Q3 Fiscal year 2008, and the Xbox360 in Q2-Q4 FY2008.

Now the reasons for this, I cannot know. I have only kept myself updated on two games lately; Sims and Spore. I have no idea what awesomeness they made on the 360 that made everyone send EA their money. Maybe I should look into it, but then again I don’t have a 360, and I don’t think I need one…

The second conclusion is that for the most part, PC beats all other platforms, income-wise. No real shock to me. Everybody has one, unlike the various consols that you can’t update to work with new games. That is why I am allways hesitant to buy any consol. You can’t know beforehand how many great games will be made for that particular machine, and you can’t mix and match…

Third: with those sad numbers I can’t really expect any new games for my wonderful gamecube. =( But I didn’t anyway. Can you use a GC-pad for the wii? Because they fit my hands so well… =)

Fourth: With those sad numbers, is it even worth it to buy a wii? Maybe they will stop making games for it real soon?

Anyways, saying that games sell better on consol than on PC… well that might still be true if you talk about scertain releases and during some limitied timeperiod, but you really can’t make that conclusion from these numbers, so I will not draw any sort of conclusion about it.

And comparisons between the total consol-numbers and PC-numbers is just not relevant to anything. I mean, they are different machines with different technology. It’s not like the work effort to make a game for all the consols is the same as making the same game for just PC, is it?